Why did Obama mislead US about Syria's WMD?

Jay Caruso:
Guess What? The Obama Administration’s Claim That Syria Didn’t Have Chemical Weapons Was A Lie

As Keeley said, it doesn’t matter if the Obama administration knew about a particular stockpile, they knew Syria had them. As Mark Hemingway points out over at The Weekly Standard, that must be news to John Kerry and Susan Rice:

Now recall that John Kerry bragged on Charlie Rose in 2014 about the Obama administration cutting an historic deal that removed “100 percent of the declared chemical weapons” from Syria. I don’t know how much of a caveat the word “declared” constitutes, but as recently as January former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice was confidently announcing that the Obama administration had removed chemical weapons from Syria.

I think they did it because they did not want to have to deal with the consequences of a failed policy and having to confront Syria and Russia about going back on their pledge to get rid of the WMD.  Susan Rice appears to be someone who will say anything to avoid dealing with Syria and its WMD.


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