The left turns to advertiser black listing to suppress speech

NY Times:

Fears of Revolt by Consumers Felled Bill O’Reilly

Though the Bill O’Reilly scandal had relatively little impact on Fox News, he was dismissed because advertisers felt obliged to desert “The O’Reilly Factor.”
This is a tactic that used to be used by some right-wing groups such as the John birch society to attack leftist in the media and in Hollywood.  Now it is used almost exclusively against conservative media figures.  They tried it against Rush Limbaugh and failed.

But make no mistake about it.  The same media that is running 86 percent negative stories against President Trump appears to be actively trying to suppress conservatives from the campuses to news outlets.

Liberalism has become the home of fascism in modern America.  It is intolerant of competing ideas and rather than engage in debate, tries to suppress speech it disagrees with.

The same media that made all sorts of excuses for Bill Clinton's conduct can get on its high horse about allegations of flirting by those they disagree with


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