Turning scientists into partisan hacks for liberals

Washington Post:
Why scientists will march on Washington and more than 400 other cities

Organizers insist that the March for Science, although political, is not a partisan event. But it may prove too delicate a distinction when people show up on Saturday with their signs and their passions.
Their assertion that it is not partisan is not supported by the facts.  Democrats have turned pseudoscience into a cudgel for avoiding debate on issues like global warming.  When they make such remarks as "The science is settled" they are trying to shut off debate on their attempts to impose control freak policies on the use of energy.  They are using energy as an excuse to reimpose the kind of controls that destroy economic freedom.

They are losing the debate because they refuse to engage on the arguments of those who disagree with them.  Having a march by guys in lab coats is not going to change that dynamic.


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