Video ties German bomber to ISIL

A video showing the Syrian man who blew himself up in Ansbach, Germany, on Sunday evening pledging allegiance to the leader of so-called Islamic State has been found on his phone, says Bavaria's interior minister.

Joachim Hermann says two phones, multiple SIM cards and a laptop were found with the body of the 27-year-old asylum seeker or at his accommodation.

The man threatened a "revenge attack" on Germans in the video, he said.

Fifteen people were injured.

Bavarian authorities said that the bomb was constructed in such a way that it was clearly meant to kill as many people as possible.
I will be waiting for the story of officials puzzled over his motives that seem to follow these type of attacks.

Police also found bomb making material at the bomber's home including gas, hydrogen peroxide and batteries.  I would guess they also found nails or ball bearings to use to kill others.


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