Islamist bring their war against Christianity to the West

Washington Post:
Terrorist attack on French church ignites fears of religious culture wars

Of the major terrorist attacks that have rocked this country over the past year and a half, none has been perceived so strongly as an Islamic affront to the age-old idea of a Catholic France.
One of the reasons the West has been so inept in fighting the Islamic terrorists is that since the Bush administration left office it has steadfastly refused to deal with the reality of the enemy objectives.  Even when forced to admit that ISIL was engaged in a genocide against Christians in the Middle East, the liberals in the West have ignored other aspect of the war against Christianity in Africa and elsewhere.

When ISIL made a spectacle of chopping off the heads of around 20 Christians in Libya, the Obama administration tried its best to ignore the religious aspect of the atrocity.

I suspect it is because they do not want to admit that Christians are under attack and do not want to respond with something that looks like a Crusade.

The fact is that it is an aspect of the war being waged against us.  From the beginning, the fundamental motivation of the terrorist from al-Qaeda to ISIL has been their religious bigotry.


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