The made up disease of Islamophobia

Powerline excerpts an interview with Daniel Pipes.  Here is a brief portion of that excerpt:
I do not recognize the term “Islamophobe” and do not know what it means except, in the immortal phrase of Andrew Cummins as a word “created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons.”

Your question reverses the sequence of events. Islamist ideology breads Islamist violence, which starts the process and in turn inspires anti-Islamic sentiments. Anti-Islamic views might also inspire more Islamist violence, but that is incidental. The real dynamic here is Islamism creating anti-Islam parties. As Norbert Hofer has shown in Austria, they are approaching 50 percent of the vote and with it, political power. …
I think he puts this phony disease in context.  Whenever I hear  someone use the term, I know they are charlatans who are trying to shut down the debate over the unacceptable conduct of Islamists.


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