Crying wolf against decent Republicans will effect media credibility attacking Trump

Jonah Goldberg:
How the Media’s History of Smearing Republicans Now Helps Trump

Many in the media were so willing to put clicks and ratings before country because the conventional wisdom was that Trump would fade or implode eventually. Why not gawk at the spectacle? And if Trump did get the nomination, many journalists calculated, all the better. What fun it will be to watch Hillary Clinton destroy Trump and Trump destroy the GOP.

Only slowly have the media come around to the realization that Trump is an actual threat, but now it may be too late because they have a serious “cry wolf” problem. Millions of Americans firmly believe that journalists are water carriers for the Democrats and will tune out much of what they have to say about Trump now that he’s the nominee.
It is a problem they earned by saving their ammo in hopes of seeing better candidates defeated in the primaries.  Ted Cruz even warned them about this.

Now as they try to lash out they find that their attacks have less effect.


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