Hillary and the 'shut up' she argued point about Islam

Rush Limbaugh:
Now, stop and think of that for a second. What is she saying? She's basically saying that Donald Trump saying there should be a moratorium on Muslims can drive them to terrorism. Well, then isn't Trump right? I mean, if all it takes is suggesting there's a moratorium for a while on Muslims entering the country 'til we get a handle here on who's coming in, who's already here, what their plans are, and if that's gonna cause them to go join ISIS, isn't Trump right? And isn't Hillary an abject fool for trying to make that point?
It is how liberals try to win the argument by telling their opposition to shut up.  It is the same as their absurd argument about Gitmo being a recruiting tool.  It is war and the religious bigots of radical Islam find all the excuses they need in their religious text.  It  is as if it never crosses their mind that the problem is them and not us.


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