UT moves Jefferson Davis statue

NY Times:

University of Texas at Austin Moves Confederate Statue

A statue of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, was taken down from its pedestal on the University of Texas at Austin campus after a legal appeal to keep it in place was rejected.
I got both my undergraduate degree and law degree from the University of Texas and I would be hard press to tell you where the Jefferson Davis statue was originally located.  

The George Washington statue dominates the main mall right below the famous Texas Tower.  The main entrance to the campus features the Littlefield fountain with statues of wild horses prancing through the water.  In my undergraduate days, it was sometimes filled with soap bubbles after some prankster emptied a box of Tide detergent into the fountain.

So Jefferson Davis has been scrubbed from view.  Will George Washington be next?  Do not put it past those trying to appease the Black Lives Matter Mob.


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