Obama is the reasons military is reluctant to send in advisers to Iraq

Bing West:
The intelligence community, the military and civilian leadership in the Pentagon and the State Department all recommended leaving a residual force in Iraq. The president decided otherwise. Similarly, he promised the removal of the Bashar al-Assad regime from Syria, then did nothing as the Islamic State turned that nation into its lair. Now he confronts the tragic consequences. As commander in chief, only he can orchestrate the political, military and strategic components to wage a resolute war. He has declined to do so.
Given that reality, Neller exhibited prudence in not endorsing the infusion of advisers on the front lines. It does not assure victory; it does require coordination, however quietly and at arm’s distance, with Iranian forces. It places our forces under the de facto control of an untrustworthy Baghdad government. Deploying forward air controllers places us in the middle of a war that our commander in chief has no intention of winning. The administration will label this as impetuous warmongering: Ready, fire, aim. Republicans should not be advocating incremental escalation reminiscent of Vietnam.

Obama lacks a credible policy to support Sunni warriors and leadership backed by U.S. firepower. Our generals are rightly reluctant to avoid commitment in the absence of an achievable political end state and public support. A tactic is not a substitute for a strategy.
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West is a keen military analyst.  He understands strategy and tactics and he also understands the absence of both and who is responsible for that situation.  The Obama administration is just not serious about an air war against ISL.  It will not even authorize air strikes against an ISIL victory parade after its capture of Ramadi.  It will not authorize the bombing of ISIL training camps despite the treats they pose to allies in the region and to the US and its allies outside the region.   We are seeing the return of ineffective warfare being waged by a reluctant White House.  It was last seen in teh Johnson administration which also managed to lose a war.


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