Obama proven wrong again about the spread of terrorism

NY Times:

Obama's retreat from the war with radical Islamist has become a death sentence for those caught it its wake.  The three attacks does not apparently include the mass murder of around 164 in Kobani by ISIL forces.  We may find that ISIL was behind the attacks in Kuwait, France and Tunisia too.

These attacks fit a pattern with ISIL.  When it is under attack it tends to lash out with terror attacks elsewhere in an attempt to relieve the pressure it is under.  Currently its main base at Raqqa is being threatened by Kurdish forces that have pushed ISIL forces from their main supply route.  It is what happens when they are given breathing room.

That apparently is what happened when the advance toward Raqqa was halted about 30 miles away.  Don't be surprised if they mount more mass murder attacks on non combatants.


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