What discrimination against gays in workplace and housing?

NY Times:

The Next Fight for Gay Rights: Bias in Jobs and Housing

Exhilarated by the Supreme Court’s endorsement of same-sex marriage, gay rights advocates have turned their sights on what they see as the next big battle: antidiscrimination laws.
I jsut have not seen any discrimination against gays in the work place.  I was general counsel at a regional investment banking firm where the head to the personnel  department was gay, and he brought in several gays for jobs there.  I was later general counsel for a franchising company with nearly a thousand stores in 47 states and there was no prohibition in selling franchises to gays.  While it is possible it is a problem in some jobs, I just have not seen it or even heard of it.  As for housing in the Houston area, the gays tended to congregate in the Montrose section of Houston in an older neighborhood near downtown.  It is still seen as a desirable neighborhood for both straights and gays.

The mainstream media seems to be engaged in excessive celebration of the court ruling on marriage that impacts a very small fraction of Americans.  The gay population is around two percent and not all gays are interested in getting married.  The marriage movement I think started after the AIDs epidemic took a tole on many in the gay community.  It was seen as a much safer way to avoid the disease.


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