Burglar taken down by Marine

Stars and Strips:
After two dangerous tours in Afghanistan, Marine Cpl. Alex Pohle confronted a new threat on the home front: a burglar in his parent’s Spokane Valley home.

Home for the holidays, the 22-year-old Pohle returned to their house after running errands and found the front door open “as plain as a summer’s day.” The family dog sat in the front yard along the 12400 block of East Desmet Road.

Without hesitation Pohle rushed inside after telling his wife to stay in the car. He stormed into the home, burst into his parents bedroom and took suspected burglar Christopher Schwanke, 43, to the floor.

After a short struggle, Pohle had him in a choke hold and Schwanke pleaded for his freedom. “Let me go, let me go,” Pohle’s mom heard Schwanke begging before he stopped moving.

Pohle credited his military training for the take down move and pointed out the blood on his pants and shirt that didn’t belong to him.

Alex and his parents, Kerrie and Jim, held the burglar down until Spokane Valley deputies arrived within minutes - around 10:45 a.m.

A deputy raced through the front door with a 12-gauge shotgun in hand, Pohle said, and took Schwanke into custody.

“They were like ‘Who put the thumpin’ on him?’” Pohle said. “I did.”
Semper Fi Pohle.  Don't mess with Marines.


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