The youth vote leaving Obama

Obama beat John McCain by 34 points in this group, but Mitt Romney has chopped that deficit in half and is in striking distance of closing the gap entirely.
America has shed 397,000 net youth jobs since Obama took office. The 4.7 million Americans under 30 now looking for work represent 40 percent of the unemployed population. 
This president has the worst youth-unemployment record in postwar history. Youth unemployment has averaged 17.5 percent the last four years; no other presidency has come close to matching it. 
On his watch, youth incomes have fallen 6 percent while costs for young people have skyrocketed. 
In 2008, Obama said, “When I’m president, I will make college affordable for every American.” Instead, college tuition has risen 25 percent in the last four years and continues to climb. 
Students have been forced to take out massive loans to pay for tuition increases. Under Obama, national student-loan debt has grown to more than $1 trillion; according to Young America’s Foundation’s Youth Misery Index, the average student graduates with $4,000 more in student loans than did those graduating when the president took office.
I am puzzled why any young people are voting for Obama.  To the extent they voted for him in 2008 was not in their self interest, and that is not to mention the accumulated debt Obama has run up that they will have to pay for.  


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