Election slipping away from Obama

Ed Rogers:
It's one week before election day, and the Obama campaign is having to use heavy artillery to defend what should be safe and secure territory. Former President Bill Clinton, who is more appealing on the stump than is President Obama, is in Minnesota. Minnesota should be deep blue, and the state shouldn't even be mentioned one week before the election. The campaign schedules are unclear due to the storm, but Vice President Joe Biden was originally scheduled to be in his home state — even in his hometown of Scranton, Pa., — today. Biden is still a net plus on the stump, and you would think the Obama campaign wouldn’t send him to his home turf unless they had to. 
In other news, a look at early voting numbers shows that 30,000 more Republicans in Ohio have cast an early vote in this election so far than did in 2008. But the big news from Ohio is that this year, 220,000 fewer Democrats have voted early so far in the state compared to 2008. And by the way, the Gallup poll that Obama finds so bothersome shows a fresh 6-point lead for Romney among those who have already voted. This is what a crumbling campaign looks like. States that are supposed to be secure are having to be defended, and analysis of early voting trends in key states suggests that enthusiasm for the incumbent's campaign is desperately lacking. And as this Insider has pointed out, the Obama campaign has nothing affirmative to say in the days remaining. 
It is interesting to see how the campaigns are deploying their assets in the closing days.   With Rasmussen now showing Romney leading by two in Ohio and no poll showing Obama with 50 percent of the vote the election is looking much more like 2010 than 2008.


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