Obama's triumph of failure foreign policy

When an American president evidently dislikes our national heritage, distrusts capitalism and despises Israel, we might expect a troubled foreign policy. But the consistently naïve, occasionally vicious and thoroughly incompetent set of confused initiatives masquerading as a foreign policy under this administration amount to a catastrophe.

It takes a sort of genius to get the entire world completely wrong.

The simplest way to critique the Obama administration’s inept overseas efforts is just to list the failures. Set aside the tawdry efforts of this timid president to portray himself as the bold commander-in-chief who all but dispatched bin Laden with his bare hands (were the SEALs even there?). There’s enough of a mess without that stolen valor:
Iran: We’ve spent four years talking. Tehran’s spent four years pursuing nuclear weapons. When brave Iranians challenged their oppressors in the street, begging for “hope and change,” our president cowered in silence, protecting his cherished “strategy” of negotiations with a regime that kills Americans and wants all Israelis dead. The ayatollahs’ thugs crushed the uprising.
Libya: While the Bush administration failed to plan for a post-Saddam Iraq, the Obama gang refused to plan for a post-Khadafy Libya. Turning the situation over to leftists in the State Department — who prefer local thugs to US Marines — Obama slighted the secular elements who reflect at least some of our values. Now al Qaeda’s embedded in a country where it never had a presence. And four Americans are dead.
Obama might have a second career in the "real men of genius" ads for beer.  His foreign policy is looking more naive everyday.


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