Obama, Biden actively pushed bad green energy loans

Washington Examiner:
Previously undisclosed emails made public today by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee describe multiple instances of White House pressure on career Department of Energy officials to speed up approval of government loans to clean energy firms like Solyndra and Abound Solar.

President Obama is described in one of the emails as having personally approved "moving it ahead," thus reversing a prior decision by DOE career officials not to extend $2 billion in tax-funded help to AREVA, a French nuclear power company, on an Idaho project.

Vice-President Joe Biden is described in other emails as exerting heavy pressure to gain approval of a $1.3 billion wind farm project at Shepherd's Flat, Oregon.

The new emails contradict claims by Obama and others in his administration that all decisions on the $20 billion DOE clean energy loans were made by career executives in the department.

Most recently, Obama told a Denver television news interviewer on Oct. 26, 2012, that the loan decisions are "decisions, by the way, that are made by the Department of Energy, they have nothing to do with politics."
Previous reports identified about 80 percent of these loans going to Obama donors.  A Kaiser charitable trust which was involved in the Solyndra deal also issued "non partisan" reports critical of the Romney Ryan healthcare reform policies.  I don't think anyone in the media even noticed the connection.  It is one the aspects of liberal bias.  It become so pervasive they don't even notice.  But if a report critical of Obamacare surfaced someone would have been assigned to find ways to discredit it.  Usually they would get a call from teh Obama campaign with suggestions.


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