Obama's radical abortion agenda

Washington Post:
Newt Gingrich launched a harsh counter-attack on the issue of abortion on Sunday, saying President Obama voted as a state senator to allow “killing babies in the eighth and ninth month.”

Gingrich was asked on ABC’s “This Week” about Indiana GOP Senate candidate Richard Mourdock’s comments about how pregnancy from rape can be something that “God intended.” Gingrich said that’s what “every Catholic and every fundamentalist in the country believes.”

He then turned to Obama’s record on abortion — something Mitt Romney’s campaign hasn’t spent much time attacking — and pointed out that Obama as a state legislator voted against banning late-term abortion.

“The radical on abortion is Obama, who as a state senator voted three times in favor of allowing doctors to kill babies in the eighth and ninth month who were born, having survived late-term abortion,” Gingrich said, “and the Democratic Party platform, which says you should pay with your tax money for late-term abortion.”

Gingrich said the Mourdock controversy is “nonsense.”

“Every candidate I know, every decent American I know condemns rape. OK?” Gingrich said. “So why can’t people like (Obama adviser) Stephanie Cutter get over it? We all condemn rape. Now let’s talk about whether we also condemn killing babies in the eighth and ninth month.”
Gingrich does a better job of explaining the differences on this issue than most in public life.  Most are too timid and defensive.  The fact is that Obama is the candidate with the indefensible position.  Unfortunately it is the position embraced by the media so it is hard to break through their protective shield.

Note how this strong counterattack overwhelmed the message being pushed by the Democrats/  There is a lesson here.


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