Palin an attractive candidate in cheap clothes too

Daily Mail:

Sarah Palin campaigned in jeans and a jacket from her favourite second-hand store yesterday in an attempt to defuse the outcry over her £100,000 designer wardrobe.

With Barack Obama shrugging off accusations of arrogance to make the 'closing argument' of his campaign, Mrs Palin generated at least as much attention with her new dress-down look.

The reverse makeover, which included the abandonment of her trademark beehive-style hair, came as the 44-year-old Alaska governor tried to repair her dented image as a frugal hockey mom with simple tastes.

Gone was the £1,500 cream silk Valentino jacket she wore in her convention speech and the ritzy suits and skirts from her Pretty Woman-style shopping spree with campaign handlers.

In its place at a rally in Asheville, North Carolina, was a pair of her own blue jeans and a jacket without any discernable designer label from Out of the Closet, a second-hand store in Anchor-age, Alaska.

For good measure, she pointed out that her earrings were made by her Native American mother-in-law and her wedding ring cost £22.

She looks good in jeans too. It is one of the signs of attractive people that they can look good in almost anything. I think some of it, too, is that her charm shines through what ever she wears.

Apparently some in the campaign wanted to ignore the flap over the clothes, but I believe Gov. Palin has the better argument and her appearance in the old duds has shot the story down much better than ignoring it would have.


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