A Democrat campaign of lies and distortion

David Limbaugh:

Quoted material removed. You may read the original at the link above.
While I agree with David's analysis of how we got to this point, it omits one of the biggest failures of the Bush administration and the Republicans in congress. They never fought back in an effective way against these lies and distortions. Too often they acted like stoic punching bags while the Democrats were making base allegations. McCain, to his credit, has fought back on the war issue and has been effective enough that the Democrats now avoid the issue. He should not let them off the hook.

He is also being too defensive on economic policy. He needs to be attacking the Democrats more on their responsibility for creating this mess. Republicans should not be dissuaded in these attacks by current polling. It took Democrats years to build up this false perception and we need to start now to change that perception and it will take hammering on the issues to do so.


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