Democrats use dirty politics to distract voters in District 22, again

Houston Chronicle:

One day in 2003, someone drew a neat line through Republican Pete Olson's name to show he had voted in person in a local referendum in Newton, Conn., where his parents lived.

But Olson, now running against U.S. Rep. Nick Lampson, D-Stafford, also voted on other days that year in Virginia, while working as a staffer in Washington, D.C., for Texas Sen. John Cornyn.

Olson says he wasn't in Connecticut for the election in Newton and didn't cast the vote; that the marking of his name on the voter list could have been a clerical error or someone using his name to cast a fraudulent vote.

But as the Nov. 4 election approaches in Texas' 22nd Congressional District, the Lampson campaign, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and a Democratic group called the Lone Star Project have made the ballot records a major point of attack against Olson.

In turn, Olson has called those tactics "a willful disregard for the truth, and guided by the lowest form of political attack."


"I never voted in person in Connecticut," Olson said. "I never lived in Connecticut."

Olson was born in Washington state, grew up in the Houston area and joined the Navy after attending Rice University and law school at the University of Texas.

Olson listed his parents' house as his voting address while serving in the military, according to Connecticut records. He used mail ballots to vote absentee in that state's election in the late 1990s.

Olson became a Virginia registered voter in 1998 and apparently did not take his name off the Connecticut rolls until 2005. The Newton registrar explained in writing, however, that Olson was not sent an address change form until 2005, "and he returned it promptly."

Democrats know they cannot win District 22 on the issues so they have now twice tried to criminalize opponents in the race to give their guy a chance to steal a Republican seat. That is all that is going on here. It was despicable when they got Ronnie Earle to indict DeLay, and these attacks on Olson show just how despicable the Democrats still are.

The Democrats behind this fraud have no shame. They also disgrace politics. It is another reason not to vote for any Democrat.


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