Hellfire finds al Qaeda leader in Pakistan


A mid-level al Qaeda leader, identified as an Iraqi, was among up to 20 people killed Friday in a U.S. missile strike in northwest Pakistan, a Pakistani intelligence official said.

The intelligence official identified the al Qaeda leader as Abu Akash.

"He is a mid-level al Qaeda man who was leading a high-profile life in Mir Wali," said the official, who declined to be identified, referring to the second biggest town in the North Waziristan region on the Afghan border.

Two missiles were fired by a pilotless "drone" aircraft into a house in Mir Ali, a major sanctuary for foreign Islamist militants including Arabs, and Central Asians, another intelligence official said.

A witness said the house was ablaze after the strike.


"He is an al Qaeda man but was not among the top hierarchy. He was involved in carrying out IED blasts in Afghanistan," said the security official, referring to improvised explosive devices, or roadside bombs.

Good riddance.

Any al Qaeda operative is a proper target and it reduces the capacity of the enemy to effect its operations when they lose mid level people too. It also makes it harder for them to rest and gear up for their next operation when they are having to be concerned about whether they will wake up dead when they are in a "safe" house.


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