Reason for angry women?

Dr. Helen:


The researchers speculate that women's anger is prompted by feelings of powerlessness caused by "entrenched sexism in modern society." As opposed to what, less sexism in ancient society? When sexism was more prevalent, women were even more "ladylike." Today's women are encouraged to express anger in our "you go, girl" culture but instead of using anger constructively, women continue to take the mean-girl routes, talking behind people's backs, avoiding confrontation and personal responsibility for their anger by being anonymous and/or passive aggressive in their approach. What this leads to is probably... more anger.

She does not mention John Edward's potty mouth bloggers and their "issues." She has an interesting post on attempts to explain why women are more angry than men and how that is reflected on the net. It is too bad Muslim women in Saudi Arabia could not participate in the study.


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