Iran blinks with Brits?

Washington Post:

Britain said it was giving "serious consideration" to a proposal from Iran for freeing 15 British navy personnel and ending the week-old crisis over their capture without a "confrontation."

The British government refused to disclose the details of the proposal, which could end a standoff that has added to tensions over Iran's nuclear ambitions and over allegations that Iran is arming Shiite Muslim militias in Iraq.


Britain's Foreign Office said the proposal was delivered to the British Embassy in Tehran late Thursday.

"We can confirm that as reported in the Iranian media, that the Iranian government has sent a formal note to the British Embassy," a spokeswoman told The Associated Press late Thursday. "Such exchanges are always confidential but we are giving the message serious consideration and will soon respond formally to the Iranian government."

The letter stopped short of asking for a formal apology but instead asked for Britain to acknowledge its sailors had trespassed into Iranian waters and come to an agreement that it would not happen again.

The letter appeared to signal a softening of Tehran's position, offering some hope for an end to the crisis.

The letter sounds very North Korea like. Get someone to say something that everyone knows is not true so that they can release the guys they wrongfully took. Iran is a regime that is based on many illusions and lies so it is not surprising that it would want to end this ordeal with a lie. It is typical of the bad that animates its relations with outsiders.


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