Body language spoke louder than sailors words


Body language experts said last night that there were obvious contradictions between the upbeat tone of Faye Turney’s words and her appearance.

Although during the short clip released by the Iranian authorities Ms Turney praises her “friendly, hospitable and thoughtful” captors, there were signs of her anxiety at the situation, one said.

Robert Phipps said a faint smile that appeared to play across Ms Turney’s face at one point told a thousand words.

“It was a fixed no-teeth smile,” he said. “When you are being genuine there is a muscle in the face, the zygomatic muscle, which forces the corners of the mouth to turn up towards the eyes. There is an equivalent muscle in the eye, the orbicularis oculii muscle, which brings the corners of the eyes down towards the lips.

“You can’t make these two muscles work unless you have genuine warmth and happiness. This was a forced smile, which is for other people.”

He added: “Her speech was very slow and monotonous, she has furrowed eyebrows and her eyes were downcast to the right, which shows she is going into her emotional channels.

“She blows the smoke down which shows she is feeling negative and lacking confidence. She is obviously very stressed.”

The incongruous image of Ms Turney clad in a headscarf while smoking, which is generally frowned upon in Islamic societies, may have been to colour the perception of the captives within Iranian society. Ms Turney, 26, is also seen smoking on board a boat shortly after her party of marines were captured last Friday.


It wasn't quite the single finger salute of the captured Pueblo crew but apparently some got her message. the British were completely dismissive of her "confession." I thought dressing her in funny clothes was cruel and unusual punishment too. It is what these wackos want to do to all the women in the world.


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