The WaPo Hagel for President push

The Washington Post says Sen. Betrayus is "pondering" a White House run. Even in doing so they acknowledge that he is not acceptable to the conservative base of the party which makes up a majority, particularly in the primaries.

The only reason I can think of for him to run is so that I can vote against him. He is absolutely not acceptable. It is likely at this point he very probably could not even be reelected to the Senate in Nebraska where his position on the war is out of step with a majority of the voters, even though the Post seems to think he is in the solid majority int his country. I don't think he is.

They are basing that opinion on faulty polls that don't ask the key question for attitudes about the war. That question is "Do you want to lose the war in Iraq?" Clearly Hagel does, but a majority of the people in this country do not even though they may be dissatisfied with the current course of the war.

In a recent poll of conservative bloggers at Right Wing News Hagel was rated as the Least desirable candidate for President. However popular Hagel may be with the media, he is not popular with the people who vote in the primaries.

That is the dirty little secret that the media is not willing to tell.


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