Iran's latest proxy war against the US


Outright war between the United States and Iran remains only a remote possibility, but the two countries already are fighting a proxy war inside Iraq, reports CBS News national security correspondent David Martin.

U.S. officials tell CBS News that serial numbers on parts used to make advanced explosive devices powerful enough to breach the armor on an American tank have been traced directly back to Iran. These officials also say rocket-propelled grenade launchers and assault rifles found in Iraq bear Iranian factory markings. Last May, a British helicopter was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile supplied by Iran.

Middle East expert Jon Alterman says Iran's strategy is paying off.

"What they would like is a country that is in some low level of turmoil, where they have lots of influence with all the major political players," Alterman tells Martin. "That's exactly the direction that Iraq is headed."

Raids on Iranian offices in Iraq have turned up computer discs which contain inventories of small arms Iran has provided to Shiite militias and records of payments made to key militia members, adds Martin.

Iran has been conducting proxy wars against the US since 1979. I am surprised that Martin did not mention the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon by Iran's proxies back in the 1980s or Iran's bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia by their proxy warriors. For the US the war is not by our proxies but by our troops against Iranians in Iraq.

Martin has mentioned pretty conclusive evidence of Iran's covert war against the US in Iraq. He also mentions that the President is saying that we are not going to invade Iran. That is too bad. They need to feel the threat of an invasion before they will stop their activities. The proxy war will continue, but for now it will not be without cost within Iraq. But we really should destroy the weapons production facilities that are manufacturing and supplying the weapons used against our forces.

By not going after the Iranian sponsors of terrorism, we are ignoring the Bush doctrine on states that harbor terrorist. This is probably just a reflection of the political realities that the Democrats are now a bunch of wimps who would rather blame Bush and America than the people who want to destroy us.


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