Ahmadinejad's man in Iraq in US custody now

James Lewis:


The most significant new development is the arrest in Iraq of the operational director of Ahmadinejad's storm trooper (Al Quds) brigade.

If the MSM were doing its job, this would be big headline news. First, the Al Quds brigade is Ahmadinejad's own unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, which he helped grow in order to conduct terrorist operations abroad, in Lebanon, Israel, Iraq and even Mecca.

They are the SS stormtroopers of the Islamic revolution.

The idea that a top officer of the Quds brigade would be caught with his pants down in Iraq is simply astonishing. It tears the veil from all the Iranian denials of direct involvement in arming and funding Iraqi death squads.

Recent documents also show that the Iranians have been aiding both the Sunni and Shiite sides against the government in Baghdad. The enemy of my enemy is my friend - for now.

Second, it is extremely peculiar that the Al Quds operations director would be personally involved in Iraq. He could easily direct Iranian subversion from a hundred miles away in Iran. This is therefore either a major blunder, or it may be a sign that the Iranians are having problems controlling their Iraqi puppet groups and their "rat lines," supplying IEDs and personnel into Baghdad.

Alternatively, it may be a sign of barefaced arrogance. The Quds command may have counted on the protection of the Al Maliki government. But the Americans shocked everyone by acting fast on high-value information, arresting the Iranian storm troopers regardless of the political waves it would make. This is very different from our previous compliance with Al Maliki's efforts to protect Shiite militants. The Americans are getting mad.

There will be more on these types of revelations and it will be interesting to see how the Democrats attempt to avoid the inconvenient facts of Iranian involvement. The fact is Iran has been at war with the US since 1979 and the Democrats have done a good job of ignoring that the whole time. Expect them to challenge and cherry pick the intelligence to avoid action.


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