The Lebanese Prime Minister's alternate universe

Captain's Quarters:

Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora takes to the pages of the Washington Post to convince Americans of the evil that Israel commits in the current war. It is a remarkable document, utterly free of any hint of Hezbollah's responsibility for committing an act of war against Israel, their consistent and deliberate targeting of Israeli citizens from Lebanese territory, or Siniora's failure to disarm Hezbollah or to even bother to attempt it. Instead, Siniora wants us to conclude that Lebanon's harboring of Hezbollah has no bearing on the current conflict....

What the Muslim biggots who want to destroy Israel have devised is a way to fight without consequence to the state. Arafat used the subterfuge of the Al Aksa Martyr's Brigade to cover his war against Israel while pretending to be a political entity at peace with Israel. In Lebanon Hezballah has co-opted the state without taking responsiblities of the state. Thus all the destruction of the state infrastructure is somebody elses problem aned sure enough other Muslim countries will come in and pay for the repairs without Hezballah haveing to suffer any of the costs or consequencies of its actions. Unless the UN does something, which is unlikely, Hezballah's weapons woill be replaced and probably enhanced.

In Lebanon the state under this Prime Minister is ignoring the consequences of Hezballah's actions and attempting to shift blame to Israel. That is not the conduct of a mature person.


  1. I agree.

    I was shocked and extremely disappointed that Siniora's op-ed piece failed to even hint at any Lebanese (or Hizbollah) responsibility for the current conflict.

    For chrissakes Hizbollah snuck across internationally recognized borders and killed and kidnapped Israeli solders. The longer people like Siniora ignore the obvious (shared culpability), the longer everyone will have to wait for true peace.


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