Israel gets proof of Syria supplying Russian arms to Hezballah

Gateway Pundit:

Israeli officials reported that Russian weapons were used by Hezbollah in the battles in Lebanon:

Abandoned Hezbollah positions in Lebanon yesterday revealed conclusive evidence that Syria — and almost certainly Iran — provided the Russian-made anti-tank missiles that have blunted the power of Israel’s once invincible armor, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Outside one of the town’s two mosques a van was found filled with green casings about 6ft long. The serial numbers identified them as AT-5 Spandrel anti-tank missiles. The wire-guided weapon was developed in Russia but Iran began making a copy in 2000.

There is more including pictures. This is very probably a violation by Syria of its supply agreement with Russia. It will be interesting to see just how serious Russia is about the terms of these agreements.


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