Italy begins unraveling bomber suspect's connections in the Horn of Africa

Financial Times:

Italian authorities said at the weekend that they had discovered a network of contacts linking the country's small community of immigrants from the Horn of Africa to an Ethiopian-born Briton suspected of preparing a bomb attack in London.

Osman Hussain, 27, who also goes by the name of Hamdi Adus Issac, was arrested in Rome on Friday and is facing possible extradition to the UK. He is suspected of involvement in a botched attack on Shepherd's Bush Underground station in west London on July 21.

According to the Italian authorities, he arrived in Rome after leaving London's Waterloo station last Tuesday on a Eurostar train to Paris and then passing through Milan. He was captured at the apartment of his brother, Remzi Issac, who is also under arrest.

Another brother, Fati Issac, was arrested on Sunday by police in the north Italian city of Brescia on suspicion of concealing or destroying documents relevant to their investigations.

“It has been possible to identify a dense network of people belonging to the Eritrean and Ethiopian communities in Italy who are believed to have helped the fugitive cover his tracks,” Giuseppe Pisanu, Italy's interior minister, told parliament on Saturday, referring to Mr Hussain.


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