Checkpoints may have thwarted worst of attack in Egypt

NY Times:

Egyptian officials, giving their first detailed account of a deadly terrorist strike at this Red Sea resort, said Monday that all three explosions were suicide bombings and suggested that police checkpoints may have forced two of the bombers to set off their explosives early, before reaching targets packed with Western tourists.

As a result, most of the victims of the bombings on Saturday were Egyptians. Of the 64 people who were killed, and at least 44 were from Egypt, said the governor of southern Sinai, Mustafa Afifi.


A senior security official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of policy restrictions, said the police believed that the bombers drove to Sharm el Sheik on remote mountain roads in two Isuzu pickup trucks. The main coastal roads in and out of Sharm el Sheik have many police checkpoints.

"The preparation and execution were local," the security official said. "But perhaps the planning had foreign elements."

Stopping the free movement of terrorist of raiders is a key way of defeating them That is why objections to check points in Israel are so misguided, unless you want to see Israelis blown up.


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