Gaza to get high tech fence

AP via Washington Post:

Israel is increasing security at its border with the Gaza Strip in anticipation of next month's withdrawal, the army said Thursday, disclosing details of a high-tech complex to ring the coastal strip with what it hopes will be the world's most impenetrable barrier.

The barrier system will surround Gaza with fences, electronic sensors, watchtowers mounted with remote-control machine guns, and hundreds of video and night vision cameras, the military said.

The real test of the barrier will be at the edges. Where the Gaza Israeli border meets the Mediterrean the barrier will extend partially into the sea requiring infiltration by boats. Where the border bumpb up againt Egypt in the Sinai, it is not clear how Israel will keep the infiltraitors from coming around the edge unless they have a deal with Egypt, they may have to extend the fence along that border also.

People forget that the Maginot line was effective enough that the Germans chose to go around it rather than through it. The test of this fence will be at the edges.


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