Pelosi is losing support for impeachment and Republicans are not caving to her scam

Fox News:
Former White House speechwriter Marc Thiessen on Friday laid out how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's decision to withhold from the Senate articles of impeachment against President Trump has backfired.

“Nancy Pelosi has a gun to her own head and is threatening to shoot, and Republicans should say, 'Make my day,'” Thiessen told “America’s Newsroom.”

Thiessen asserted that Pelosi does not have leverage with Republicans and noted popular support for impeachment has declined.

If there was any Christmas truce between President Trump and Pelosi, it didn't last long. The president went so far Thursday morning as to suggest Pelosi should face a primary challenge, as he called her San Francisco district "filthy" and "dirty" and said she should focus on cleaning it up.
Earlier Monday morning, the president tore into House Democrats over their handling of the impeachment process, calling them "hypocrites" and "liars" for allegedly seeking concessions in the Senate that Republicans were not afforded in the House -- and for hitting pause on impeachment after stressing the national security urgency of it all.
Democrats say they are delaying the impeachment in the name of fairness, but they were totally unfair to Republicans in the House and even violated the House rules to deny them an opportunity to call their own witnesses.


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