Media continues to pay a price for pushing the Russian collusion hoax and other bogus attacks on the President

NY Times:

After Another Year of Trump Attacks, ‘Ominous Signs’ for the American Press

Threats of ‘retribution,’ more accusations of ‘fake news’ and the end of the White House briefing
made 2019 the darkest yet for journalists in the Trump era.
The media pushed lies about the President and the 2016 campaign that was justifiably called fake news.  They turned the White House briefing into a scream session where reporters tried to play gotcha rather than gather the news.  The media is paying a price for its unfair hostility toward the administration.  They need to do some self-reflection and apologize for their bogus reporting on Russian collusion/  They should start by burning their sources for the false reports they published.

How much did they rely on Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS?  Who were their sources at the FBI who fed them the false material on the Russian collusion hoax?  If the media wants to restore its credibility it could start with how they were misled and by whom.


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