Washington Post blames Trump for problems in Puerto Rico

Washington Post:

How Trump’s time at his golf club hurt the response to Maria

As storm-ravaged Puerto Rico struggled for food, water and electricity, President Trump and his top aides said virtually nothing about it for four days while he fixated on public feuds with North Korea’s leader, Republicans in Congress and the NFL. “We’ve invaded small countries faster than we’ve been helping American citizens in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands,” one lawmaker said.
With several stories criticizing Trump and the response to Puerto Rico's problems, there is not one story on the front page of the Post about volunteer efforts by Puerto Rico to deal with the problem.  A mayor is whining about the problem but is not showing any leadership beyond that according to reports. 

She sounds more like Ray Nagin than Sylvester Turner who guided Houston's response to the flooding.   Why isn't this mayor organizing volunteer efforts?  Who knows?  The docks of the country are chock full of deliveries of relief supplies, and boats are lined up waiting to unload and no few are trying to help the island come back by helping with teh distribution effort.  So the Post blames Trump.

I know the Puerto Rican baseball players on the Houston Astros team are also working on getting relief supplies to the island and have people to help them get those supplies there.  What I don't know from the reporting is that people on the island are doing anything other than sitting around waiting for someone else to do it.

It looks like the Post is more interested in using the problem to criticize the President than examining why those on the island are so incapable of helping too.

Trump's concern with North Korea involves a despot who wants to incinerate US cities populated mostly by Democrats.  He is dealing with a problem that Presidents like Clinton and Obama allowed to fester to the point that the US is in great danger.  To suggest that he is engaged in a public feud is an absurd distortion of reality and belittles a grave problem.

The story also ignores the fact that the military has been in Puerto Rico dealing with the problem since the storm.  The one problem it can't fix is incompetent local authorities.

The Post needs to get over its Trump hatred and return to professionalism and objectivity.


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