NFL is allowing the racial grievance industry to ruin the market for their game

NY Times:

Trump Calls for Boycott if N.F.L. Doesn’t Crack Down on Anthem Protests

“If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our country, you will see change take place fast,” President Trump wrote on Twitter.
In San Francisco where this movement started with Kolin Kaepernick, they played Thursday night to a half-full stadium.  The team they were playing was the Los Angelos Rams who notoriously fell for the "hands up don't shoot" lie that gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement.  The TV ratings continue to drop for this once dominant sport.

It has become a toxic mix that the owners and the NFL do not seem to have an answer for except one does.  Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys told his players that if they did not show respect for the national anthem and the flag they would be cut.  His team still sells out every game and has a large fan base.

I feel sorry for players who have bought into the Ferguson lie.  It is sad to see millionaires acting like they are victims.  All those none millionaires who are buying tickets may look for other ways to spend their discretionary income.


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