NFL take note of what happened to the University of Missouri after it embraced racial grievance movement

Washington Times:
Enrollment at the University of Missouri continues to crater in the wake of the November 2015 race protests, with this year’s incoming class down 33 percent from the one two years ago.

Total enrollment is down nearly 13 percent since 2015.

Students at the University of Missouri protested the school’s handling of racial incidents on campus beginning in September of 2015.

The movement gained considerable traction when several members of the football team said they would not play or practice until then-University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe resigned. Forfeiting football games would have cost the university an estimated $1 million per contest.

In an email leaked in January of 2016, Mr. Wolfe said ceding to the demands of students would end up costing the university more in the long run.

“In hindsight the $1 million penalty associated with forfeiting the game against BYU would have paled in comparison to the more than $25 million in lost tuition fees MU will realize with reduced enrollment this fall,” he said in the email. “It’s also a pittance of the threatened loss of state funding that could be as much as $500 million.”
The Social Justice Warriors are a cancer on everything they try to control.  Now they are doing it to the NFL and its management appears to be blind to the risks it is taking in embracing and chasing off fans and TV viewers.

BTW, the NFL's ratings for Sunday's games are down again from last year and earlier reports say their first two weeks were down 14.5 million viewers.  They might get a boost from the Monday night game but that will not help their case since includes the Dallas Cowboys, the only team whose owners have told the players that they must stand for the national anthem are they will lose their jobs.

There is at least one player who regrets participating in the no-show for teh anthem:

I think Roethlisberger is showing a love of country that some in the NFL don't have.  Like many in the media, they are letting their hatred for the President cloud their judgment.


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