Putin's unproductive election hacking?

Daily Mail:

BREAKING NEWS: Putin's hackers targeted TWENTY ONE states before the 2016 election - including key state Wisconsin which Hillary lost to Trump but no votes were changed
  • Department of Homeland Security tells 21 states that Russian government hackers targeted them in 2016
  • No votes were changed by the electronic attempt at interference, says DHS 
  • States include Wisconsin, where Hillary Clinton narrowly lost to Donald Trump in one of his key moves towards victory
  • Other include the less closely contested Alabama, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington
In other words, the Russian hacking had nothing to do with Trump's victory or Clinton's loss.  I think the same can be said of Russian attempts to influence the election with "fake news."   I voted against Hillary Clinton for numerous reasons none of which had anything to do with something some Russian or Macedonian might have said.  I tuned out Twitter during the election.

Clinton was the proponent of many failed policies during her time as Secretary of State, but none was more disastrous than her overthrow of the Libyan government.  Not only did it result in arming terrorist and helped in the spread of ISIS, but in fact, it is still having a negative impact.  Recall that Ghadaffi had given up his nuclear program after Bush ordered an invasion of Iraq.

Do you think that North Korea did not take notice of the fact that the Obama administration with Clinton's encouragement then led a military action to overthrow him?  Given that history, it is unlikely that North Korea will ever enter into an agreement to give up its nukes.


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