Networks tried to hide fan displeasure with the disrespect for national anthem

NY Post:
Television networks uncharacteristically showed the national anthem before NFL games this weekend, but at least one staffer says that coverage may have come with certain restrictions.

A “behind-the-scenes staffer” told the Sporting News camera operators were told to avoid crowd shots during the anthem, because of any fans potentially booing or protesting the NFL players’ protest. There were reports from several stadiums of fans booing when players decided to kneel for the anthem, joining a protest of racial inequality started by former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Jennifer Sabatelle of CBS told the Sporting News the network’s crews were under no such orders.

“The anthem was covered by each crew in their own way, with many choosing to stay with what was happening on the field,” Sabatelle said. “There was no directive given to not show the fans.”
The Sporting News pointed out there were few camera shots of fans during the anthem, focusing instead on the players even when booing could be heard in the background. Fans in Arizona booed the Cowboys for locking arms and taking a knee as a team, even though they did it before the anthem and stood during the song. ESPN’s Sean McDonough did point out the Cowboys were getting booed during the telecast.
At the Texans' game with New England booing was heard and shouts of "stand up" were also heard.  The NFL has a problem with the fans distaste for the protest and it is going to be made worse by liberals accusing the fans of being racist for supporting respect for teh national anthem.


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