Families in high tax states want low tax states to subsidize their bad policies

NY Times:

Lobbyists Rally to Save Breaks Under Threat in New Tax Plan

  • The Republican plan to rewrite the tax code has set off a scramble among lobbyists and trade groups to protect valuable provisions.
  • Critics warned that removing incentives could hurt the housing market, raise borrowing costs and increase the burden on families in high-tax states.
Why shouldn't those who live in high tax states pay their fair share of the federal income tax?   Why should they get increased deductions from federal taxes just because they overspend and overtax on a state and local basis?

What they are doing is asking smarter run red states to subsidize blue state policies that are killing jobs and driving people out of state causing a downward economic spiral.  A fairer distribution of taxes would give those states an incentive to stop their nonsensical liberal policies. 

Why should taxpayers in other states subsidize states with restrictive housing policies that drive up the cost of homes?

It is time for liberals to pay their fair share.


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