Explaining the Strange Alabama Senate race?

Kurt Schlichter:
... So the base went with Roy Moore, who is super-colorful in a potentially Todd Akin kind of way, because Roy Moore constitutes a giant middle finger to the crowd that failed to summon up the cajones to repeal Obamacare yet found endless investigations of RUSSIA! TREASON! OK, IT’S JUST SOME ADS ON FACEBOOK BUT WE’RE STILL GOING WITH TREASON! and amnesty for middle-aged Dreamers muy simpatico.

You almost feel sorry for Mitch because he’s dealing with sanctimonious crones like Susan Collins and liars like John McCain, but then you realize that the only way he manifests his frustration at their slimy duplicity is with that pursed-lip tortoise frown of his. Do the RINOs face any consequences for defying him? Does Mitch ever play hardball with them? Who’s afraid of him? No one. They laugh at him, and he chooses to do nothing. Okay, that’s fine. If he won’t lay down the iron discipline on his apostates, we’ll just burn the heretics ourselves.

Luther Strange would have been just fine as a senator, but the people of Alabama decided he was more useful as a figurative head mounted on a figurative pike on the figurative castle gate. Sorry Luther, you’ll go down in history as a pleasant but expendable cautionary example.

But some of the ones who actually are lame are getting the message. Some of these half-steppers are already bailing out before they crash into the mountain. Did Bob Corker, the noted Iran Agreement enabler, ditch his safe Tennessee Senate seat because he needed to spend more time with his family? Was it because he believes in only serving two terms? Perhaps Chet the Unicorn recommended it? No, he saw the writing on the wall.
I think opposition to judicially imposed gay marriage is still an issue in Alabam, much the same way the opposition to the NFL disrespect for the national anthem is blowing up in their face.  But there is something to the argument that the GOP establishment is still out of touch with the base on how much it hates Obamacare and the crazy Russian "collusion" story.


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