Mayor who criticized Trump for lack of help is pictured in front of pallets of aid

This picture tells how dishonest she has been in her criticism:

MSNBC is not conservative supporter of President Trump.  So why is the media taking the side of this ungrateful politician?  This woman has also been accused of supporting FALN terrorists.

Hat tip to Gateway Pundit.

Meanwhile, Military Times reports:
US troops deliver food, supplies to devastated Puerto Rico during round-the-clock operations

The operations include search-and-rescue efforts, distribution of supplies and bringing power back up at hospitals, airports, ports and other facilities.
Bloomberg also refutes the charges of the mayor and her supporters in the mainstream media:
No, Trump Didn't Botch the Puerto Rico Crisis

TH: So, it seems like everybody has blasted Trump administration's response to the Puerto Rico crisis. Has that criticism been fair?

JH: No, I don’t think so. First of all, there was a fair amount of anticipatory action that is not being recognized. Amphibious ships, including the light amphibious carriers Kearsarge and Wasp and the amphibious landing ship dock Oak Hill were at sea and dispatched to Puerto Rico ahead of the hurricane’s impact.

These are large ships that have large flight decks to land and dispatch heavy-lift CH-53 helicopters to and from disaster sites. They also have big well-decks -- exposed surfaces that are lower than the fore and aft of the ship -- from which large landing craft can be dispatched to shore carrying over 150 tons of water, food and other supplies on each trip. These are actually the ideal platforms for relief operations owing to their range of assets. The ships, due to their designs to support Marine amphibious landings in war zones, also have hospitals onboard to provide medical treatment on a large scale. That these ships were in the area should be viewed as a huge positive for the administration and the Department of Defense.


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