Democrats to push for rationed healthcare with no clue how to pay for it

Washington Post:
Sanders to introduce universal health-care bill backed by 15 Democratic senators

The proposal, which would expand Medicare, has no chance of passage in a Republican-run Congress. But it has a record level of support for an idea that had been relegated to the fringes during the last Democratic presidency.
The bill is supported by the ignorant in this country who think you can get something for nothing.  Sanders has a record of schemes that have no hope of ever being paid for, and he also has a record of not paying his own campaign bills.  But he can buy a new lake house.  That there are actually people who support these failed programs tells you of the failure of the education system in this country.  Many are the same ones who favor socialism even though it is a horrid failure.  You have to be ignorant of history and economics to support such a scheme.


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