With voters rejecting establishment Republicans, Boehner resigns

Speaker John Boehner retiring from Congress at the end of October

The House speaker’s sudden announcement comes amid a GOP rebellion.
The genuine anger among Republican voters at the somewhat docile acceptance of the evils of liberalism as proposed by Obama and Democrats had reached a point where there was also open rebellion with in the house ranks.  Senate leaders should heed the same message.  Voters are not fooled by show votes that lack any prospect of getting past Democrat intransigence.  Republican voters did not send people to Washington to fund Obamacare and amnesty for illegal aliens.

I know the media is not on the GOP's side and they will back the Democrat agenda regardless, but that does not mean Republicans should meekly submit.   What happened to the plan to use "regular order" to get things past.  At least Obama would have to veto the measures which would mean he would be the one shutting down the government.  Why go along with the massive spending bills that Democrats use to thwart the will of the voters?


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