Congress not willing to pay for Obama's global warming scheme

Washington Examiner:
Obama administration officials admitted Thursday that their grand plans for a climate deal in Paris this year are in jeopardy because the Republican Congress has so far refused to provide any seed money for the venture.

The administration's goal has been to build up a "green" climate fund at the United Nations. That fund has become a sticking point in the talks leading up to Paris, and some foreign leaders have warned that a global deal on climate change is in jeopardy because of lagging commitments from countries to the fund.

Supporters of the plan hope the fund would eventually secure payments of $100 billion a year to help the most vulnerable countries prepare for sea-level rise and other harmful effects of climate change.

The administration has made a $3 billion commitment, but in a call with reporters, White House officials say Congress has yet to appropriate that money. Officials acknowledged that they are still trying to negotiate with Congress over how to get the money.

President Barack Obama had requested $500 million in his fiscal 2016 budget request for the first installment of the $3 billion pledge. But Republicans so far are not budging on the request, and have vowed not to cough up the money for the administration's climate deal.
Obama is cementing his reputation as being one of the worst negotiators to ever hold his office.  His abusive regulatory scheme to impose his climate change fantasies on the public instead of working with Congress have made it harder for him to get things like this.  A deal like this proposal is all pain and no gain for the US.  Giving money to a UN scheme does not even net any appreciation from the beneficiaries.


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