Boehner's exit does not change the dynamic in Washington

Washington Post:

The crisis may be avoided for now, but the forces that drove Boehner to quit remain and will likely bedevil the next speaker.
Democrats will still want the GOP to fund their bad programs, such as Obamacare, amnesty and Planned Parenthood.  Democrats and the media are willing to take the rest of the government hostage to get their spending whether the voters want it or not.  I do not see Boehner's departure changing that.

The problem is the omnibus spending bills throws everything into a stew on a take or leave it basis.  Congress no longer has separate appropriations for individual departments and items.  If they had separate appropriations, Obama could not shut down the government and blame it on Republicans.

What is really clear is the the Republican base is fed up with funding programs they despise and dealing with an intransigent President.  That is Why Dave Brat won in 2014 and it is why a majority favor someone not associated with the Republican establishment in Washington in the GOP Presidential primaries.


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