Sen. Cotton asks NSA director his reaction if Russian foreign minister was using a private unsecured server

Power Line:
Today Admiral Michael Rogers, head of the National Security Agency, testified before the Senate Select Intelligence Committee on cybersecurity. Senator Tom Cotton asked him two questions, the second of which was brilliant: 1) Are the communications of the president’s most senior advisors, including those that may be unclassified, a “top priority for foreign intelligence services?” and 2) What would he think if he learned that Russia’s Foreign Minister, or Iran’s, was conducting official business on a homebrew server? Here it is:

The latter question is a shocking one, because it makes you realize that it is inconceivable that a Russian or Iranian or Chinese foreign minister would be as stupid or as careless as Hillary Clinton. Can you imagine if Russia’s Foreign Minister ran official business from an unsecured server in his home, and, confronted by Putin, explained that it was OK because his house had a security guard? Honestly, I doubt that guy would live to see the dawn.
This puts Hillary Clinton's screw up in perspective.  It was indeed an opportunity for our adversaries which they no doubt exploited.


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