State Department finds 925 more Clinton emails discussing Libya

Washington Times:
State Department officials said Friday that they will turn over to House investigators a new batch of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s emails related to Benghazi that were discovered after a more thorough review.

The Obama administration previously claimed that it had turned over all the email directly related Benghazi by Mrs. Clinton, who used a private email account and private email server for all official correspondence while in office, shielding the records from review for more than two years after she left office.

A senior State Department official said about 925 emails of discussions that relate or refer to Libya would be delivered to the committee, explaining that the new email were discovered during a second review of the email the roughly 35,000 emails that Mrs. Clinton turned over to the department earlier this year

“The State Department, which has failed to comply with multiple Benghazi Committee requests and failed to act in good faith, is now indicating it intends to foster a more cooperative relationship with the committee,” said Jamal D. Ware, spokesman for the House Select Committee on Benghazi. “It’s curious the Department is suddenly able to be more productive after recent staff changes involving those responsible for document production.”
The committee is yet to see the new production of emails.  Perhaps they fill in some of the gaps in the previous production that were weeks long during a period of substantial activity in the country.


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