Russia begins air ops in Syria

Fox News:

BREAKING NEWS: Russia begins air strikes against Syrian opposition, demands US warplanes keep out


RUSSIAN WARPLANES LAUNCH airstrikes against Syrian opposition fighters near the northern city of Homs, a senior military official tells Fox News, a day after Russia moved four more Su-34 jets, similar to the ones shown, to a nearby airbase.
The US is already demonstrating how limited air operations are in dealing with ISIL and al Qaeda.  To be effective the operational tempo must be much higher than it currently is in Syria, and to be decisive, they must include ground and mechanized units in combined operations with aircraft.   The Obama administration has been unwilling to commit forces to such an operation and it is not clear that Russia is even in a  position to do combined arms operations and the Syrian army had been reduced to the point where it is not combat effective for such operations.

The US may need to bring F-22's in to give air cover to the attack jets like the A-10-s used in operations against ISIL.  The Russians do not have anything that could match the F-22 in combat.


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